You ever play that fun but ridiculous game, “what would I do if I won the lottery?”

Well, I have. My plans are pretty simple:

Each month, spend a week or two exploring a new city with my husband. In between travel, come home to horses and dogs.

Apparently, winning the lottery isn’t in the stars for me. Instead, my life looks more like this:

Work Monday through Friday, 8-6, sometimes after hours. Travel with husband when work schedules allow. Ride horses on vacations. Pet friends’ dogs. 

Ok, so my real life ain’t too shabby. 



Me and the husband searching for bears in Admiralty Island, Alaska. Not bad, right?

This little space on the internet is a fun way for me to share my travel adventures with anyone who might be interested. My hope is that my experiences serve as a great foundation for planning your own.

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