48 hours in Texas Hill Country

Contrary to popular belief, not all of Texas is flat. Enter: Texas Hill Country.

Whether you want to connect with nature or enjoy wineries, there’s something for everyone in this large region that sprawls across western/central Texas.

Dripping Springs, a short 30-minute drive west of Austin, is perfect for a weekend getaway — especially when you’re short on time and paid vacation!

48 hours in Dripping Springs, Texas 

Day 1
Start off with hiking at Reimers Ranch Park, which runs alongside the Pedernales River. Be on the lookout for deer and lots of birds. The park also offers swimming, fishing, mountain biking and rock climbing, so come prepared! It costs $10-15 per vehicle depending on when you visit. Keep the parking tag handy — you’ll need it later.


That’s the Pedernales River back there.

After your hike, grab a Cuban sandwich from Cafe Ybor Food Bus. It’s a food truck, but don’t be alarmed — that’s normal in this part of Texas. When the owner suggests the lemon cake, take him up on it.

Take a breather at your Airbnb before a casual evening of cocktails and stargazing. First up — Deep Eddy Vodka’s tasting room. Sip a sampler or choose a cocktail. My suggestion? The grapefruit-flavored vodka. Get dinner before the main event: Reimers Observatory.



Go for the grapefruit flavor, far left.

Located at Reimers Ranch Park, the observatory is an open-air, educational and peaceful experience. Staffed by astronomy enthusiasts, you’ll see the moon, Mars, Saturn, stars and more through two giant telescopes. The best part? It only costs a park entrance fee — which you already paid when you went hiking earlier.

Day 2
Get ready for wine tasting with brunch at Skull & Cakebones, a locally-sourced, vegan bakery that offers everything from avocado toast and grilled cheese, to edible cookie dough and gluten free bagels. Hydrate with coffee, tea or kombucha.


Skull & Cakebones avocado toast.

There are dozens of wineries, breweries and even a cidery in Dripping Springs — it all depends on your tastes. If you do a little research, you’ll find the Texas Wine Trail — of which Dripping Springs is a part of — includes 40+ wineries throughout all of hill country. You could easily spend a weekend just wine tasting.

When you’re wine-d out, have your designated driver take you to Texas Hill Country Olive Company for an olive oil tour and tasting. Spend the afternoon enjoying the views before wrapping up the evening with dinner at Epicure, which features a seasonal menu and organic ingredients.

After dinner, stop at one of many places playing live music, or go back to your Airbnb for a good night’s sleep. It’s been a busy 48 hours!

Question: If you’ve been to Texas Hill Country, what’s your favorite winery? What’s your favorite thing to do or place to eat in Dripping Springs?



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