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If you’re like I was, you’re not quite sure what to expect when you visit Juneau. Wondering how to avoid crowds or what to pack? What about where to stay or what to do if you come across a bear? These 8 tips will help! Cut down on cruise ship crowds Juneau is a hot […]


Glaciers. Hiking. Kayaking. Bears. Whales. Sled dogs. Fresh fish. Gorgeous views.  These are the things I experienced in Alaska without a cruise – and you can, too! People generally tell you that a cruise is the best way to visit Alaska. Naturally, when I was planning my own trip, that’s where I started. But none of […]

When it comes to vacations, I like to plan — probably more than the average person. The way I look at it, I’m spending hard earned money and vacation days, so I better get the most out of the trip and experience everything a city can offer. Regardless of how much you plan — or […]

It seems like my bucket list of places to visit grows as my paid time off dwindles. But, if you’re strategic about your vacation days, you might be able to take another trip or two during the year. Here are my 8 tips for getting the most out of paid vacation days: Flex work: Schedule your […]

This is my last post about Guatemala. Check out my other posts for tips about Tikal, Yaxha and more! Canopy bridges, zip lining, hiking and horseback riding — there’s something for everyone at Ixpanpajul Nature Park in Flores, Peten, Guatemala. Plus, round trip transportation is included in the park’s fees! We opted for the canopy […]

Why visit Yaxha if you already have plans to visit Tikal? I’ll let these pictures do the talking: Set between two lakes, Yaxha is actually a part of Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo National Park in Peten, Guatemala. If you build in enough time, you could dedicate a day to all three; we chose to only visit Yaxha. Yaxha […]

They say that “when you know, you know.” And that’s what Guatemala was for me. As I was trying to figure out my next international vacation, I stumbled across photos of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. It was stunning. I had to go there. But getting there was challenging. And I don’t have a ton of […]

Welcome to my first blog post. I solemnly swear on margaritas that future posts will be better than this. Writing and traveling are two of my favorite things, so this blog seemed like a natural progression and expression of my creativity. I may not lead a glamorous life of all-expenses-paid travel like other bloggers, but […]